Take a listen to the music you can expect for your big day! Choose from watching videos of Rajen’s performances on the violin or piano. Or alternatively, you may listen to audio clips. Rajen can also accommodate special requests for music that you would like to preview and listen to before your special day.

All audio recordings provided below are performed on the same violin and piano that Rajen will use in all of his professional engagements. The provided audio and video recordings are a sample of Rajen’s full repertoire – his full list can be viewed here. The full repertoire features a wide range of Bollywood, Pop, Contemporary, Classical and Jazz music to meet every mood and occasion, and perfectly compliment each moment of your wedding day. If you would like a sample of a chosen piece for Rajen to play, please contact Rajen and he will be happy to provide this for you to listen to.

Rajen is available to meet for consultation in person or via Skype. In this consultation, he can provide a live performance of pieces to listen to beforehand. Contact Rajen to arrange a consultation to discuss the music for your day. He believes in ensuring every detail has been covered and will be happy to accommodate any specific requests that you may have.